AI Baby Camera

Detect baby motion, for example, vomiting, face-covered, crying, smile capture.
Baby's life is very fragile, once accident happen, it would be a huge regret.
GenkiTek's AI Danger Detection System can add value on traditional baby camera to prevent caregiver's carelessness, it is also welcome to make the baby camera with us!

Face detection system

Can detect gender, age range, facial expression. You can easily build black and white list by the data built and target specific group of people.
Can be applied in access control system or store client list. Build white list for VIP, in order to provide higher profit, build black list for difficult customer to protect store safety. You can also apply in self-serving ordering machine to analyze customers from age and gender to find their preference to optimize profit.

AI Driver Monitoring System (AI DMS)

Accidents happen because of fatigue driving all the time.GenkiTek's Driver Monitoring System can detect whether the driver is nodding, smoking, eating or drinking, it is very useful for long distance bus, to ensure safety for both passengers and drivers. The long-distance bus companies and the insurance companies can all use this system to make evaluation on drivers.

Traffic flow & people counting

Car, motorbike, bus, truck and pedestrian detection our AI Boost CCTV System can detect different kinds of transportation, can be applied in road, parking lots…

Thermal AI Technology

Body temperature measurement, AI thermal face detection, AI thermal people detection, AI thermal car detection.